Traditional ~

Starting to make pencil drawings in my early childhood, I always tried to better the skills of the persons around me, including classmates and also older persons. From time to time, I didn't draw a lot, but I didn't become worse fortunately. So I always had an incentive to work on.

Digital ~

To try something new, I got a tablet and started to make digital paintings around a year ago. I noticed that it's totally different from traditional painting, especially from drawing. There are much more details you have to work out and you have to think about colors, matching the picture's theme.

If you'd like to know more about my pictures, please have a look at my DeviantART page - (eng­lish).

My german blog page:





Finally another picture.

3.4.13 13:41


Step by Step

What does it look like, when I'm drawing a picture? I made some screenshots of the progress of "Music is my Passion". Here you can see it.
3.4.13 13:39

New Picture

It took me almost forever to draw. What do you think about it?

3.4.13 13:36


So, this work was finished really quick, as there are few details in the shading. Let me know what you think about it.

14.11.12 09:29

Red Couch

Do you like this one? Such pictures are much more time-consuming than portraits, even with such a simple background.

14.11.12 09:26

Music as I see it

... or better, as I hear it.

This one is my favorite up to now. What do you think?

8.11.12 19:57

9.11.12 19:54

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